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  • Sue Hawley

The Busiest Time of the Year

Thanksgiving dinner is a big deal at our house. Always has been, always will be. The main feature is not turkey for us, but my mother’s recipe for her famous Thanksgiving dressing. Thankfully, it is not complicated but does have more than a few moving parts. No one really likes turkey but it is a must for the recipe. Juice from the turkey, along with the liver, kidneys, neck, and heart all play an important part plus homemade cornbread and croutons. (However, I do remember Mother drying out bread before croutons came in easy packages) It is delicious and the main course of the meal---we pig out on dressing until we can’t move but hope there is enough left over for snacks.

But that was last week. This week we focus on accomplishing the feat of fitting back into our jeans after gorging on last week's dressing (and maybe a few too many pieces of pie). We are now officially in the ‘holiday season’, which brings yummy snacks at every turn. Cookies, dips, cakes, and pies will abound for the next month, which leads to even more stress about our jeans. To be sure, most of us will justify our indulgence because, well, it’s the holiday season!

Food is not the only factor this month. Christmas presents need to be bought, wrapped and possibly mailed. We have grandchildren living out west along with a couple here in town. I have to keep true to my mailing schedule to ensure they have their gifts from Nanny and Grandpa to open Christmas morning. I admit online ordering has made this easier---just have it shipped to them! Whew! Some of the stress is resolved with a click on the computer.

This cycle is repeated every single year—no exceptions. I like routine and the holiday season kicks my daily routine to the curb. There is a frenzy of activity for the next few weeks I could live without but I do enjoy the family time. With kids spread out over the country, it is nice to know that we have the ability today, due to computers, to actually see one another through the wonder of the internet, even if only on a screen.

Maybe I’ll worry about my jeans after the New Year. I might even use my gym membership so my jeans fit again.

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