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  • Sue Hawley

Panic! Anxiety! Cynthia to the Rescue!

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by the great folks at Cynthia’s Boutique in Fairlawn, Ohio. I met Cynthia while in a state of mild panic. The first book of the Peg Shaw series had won an award in Texas and I was in dire need of a sharp outfit to wear to the award ceremony. I sit in front of a computer writing most days and wear whatever my hands grab in the morning. Since I get dressed before morning coffee is consumed, I don’t necessarily grab anything that matches. Let’s face it- it’s a hit or miss situation.

I live in jeans, comfy blouses, and slippers; looking sharp is the least of my daily concerns. At least I make sure I’m respectable before venturing out to run errands—I change from slippers to actual shoes. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to clothing and figure the more comfortable, the better. But with the award ceremony looming, I knew I had to step up my game—a lot! Cue panic.

I mentioned my dilemma during a monthly book club meeting. Kit Kelly was kind enough to tell me about Cynthia’s Boutique and promised I would find something there that would meet my needs. Boy, was she right! Though small, the boutique is packed with stylish, comfortable, and perfect clothing. Cynthia assured me everything in the store packed well and would look great even after being crammed inside of a suitcase. She was 100% correct! Since comfort was high on the list, I was in the right place. Absolutely everything I tried on met that need and I had a hard time choosing which outfit to buy. At the award ceremony I received many compliments and questions as to where I bought the clothing and had to disappoint my fellow attendees that the boutique wasn't available for them to immediately run into and buy a few items. However, the internet magically shortens all distances to a few taps of the keyboard for those in need of comfy and classy clothes and Cynthia’s Boutique has a great website!

For a peek inside the boutique watch the video of our interview. You'll also get a chance to meet the fabulous Cynthia, who has the grace and poise to make a great interviewer if she ever decides to change careers! (I hope she doesn't, that boutique is too perfect!)

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