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But Who Are They Really? Dave and Nana

I've had many readers ask me who the characters in my books are based on. To be honest few have consciously been formed based on real people. Rather, they are usually a conglomerate of many folks throughout my life. I've started a Character Series on the blog for those who want to know more about their favorite characters in the Peg Shaw series.


Dave is Peg’s deceased dad. Peg was unaware that he watched over her after he died until suddenly, much later in life, she could see him. Dave is a bit like Andy—rock solid, kind, and a healthy sense of humor. He worries about Peg being involved with crime and dead folks but he trusts Logan completely. He is always there for Peg and knowing that brings her enormous comfort. She has missed him for years and having him back in her life has been a real blessing to her.

Dave is based on a picture in my head of the near perfect dad… always there for his kids, doling out advice and the occasional parental glare. Peg always knows when she has pushed her dad a bit too far but he is never unkind. He takes care of Bob in a big brotherly sort of way but Bob does get under his skin occasionally.

Dave isn’t one to stir up trouble, while I think he secretly loves when Peg hassles Logan, he himself never would. He respects order and rule following but admires Peg’s courage to buck the system. He is proud of her spunk but winces at the snarky attitude she displays at times. He, like others from Deadsville, knows more than he tells her but uses his knowledge to protect her to the best of his ability.


Nana is responsible to a degree for the situation Peg is in due to the fact she introduced Peg to the Deadsville gang. While menopause is the reason Peg has the sudden ability to see the other side of the veil, Nana used it to her advantage. She helped raise Peg and protected her from Nell as much as possible. She and Peg had a very tight bond while she lived and now that she’s back in Peg’s life their bond is as strong as ever. Peg has her Nana’s snarky attitude which comes in handy. She is a character who can easily float in and out of story lines and is emotional support to Peg in areas Dave has no personal knowledge of such as menopause. Nana's a fun character who isn’t afraid to color outside the lines but is cautious of irritating Logan too much.

Dave and Nana were pillars in Peg's life when they were alive. As ghosts they are still right there, supporting, advising, and guiding her as she learns how to face new challenges. These are two ghosts Peg is always welcome to see, even if Nana is teasing about the cobwebs in the corners!

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