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But Who Are They Really? Part 3

I've had many readers ask me who the characters in my books are based on. To be honest few have consciously been formed based on real people. Rather, they are usually a conglomerate of many folks throughout my life. I've started a Character Series on the blog for those who want to know more about their favorite characters in the Peg Shaw series.


Almost all my readers are enthralled with Logan. I’ve had fans tell me not to change Logan one bit; others want to know more about him. What tribe is he from? How old was he at his death? Who exactly is Logan? Is there a double meaning with his character? Is he really God? Jeez, the list is endless.

I absolutely adore Logan. He makes me feel safe and he makes Peg feel the same. She’s convinced he’ll save her butt if she gets into a sticky situation; maybe not as quick as she would like, but eventually he’ll show up and save the day. I personally think he lets it go a bit long; maybe he should show up a tad earlier so situations don’t get quite so out of hand. But that’s not how Logan rolls. He always has the ‘big picture’ in mind and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Peg sweats all the stuff and I don’t blame her. She’s balancing the living and the dead; it gets dicey.

I have no idea where Logan came from or exactly who he is. He appeared as an ally to the Indians in the woods. Now, I do know about them. We live on a hill. At the top of our hill there used to be an Indian village. That’s where they emerged from my brain. Logan? He’s a mystery even to me. But I love his presence and manner. I know absolutely not one person he is based on and don’t think I ever will.

I do love when Peg, and later Amy, stand up to Logan. I think his reactions are amusing. Let’s face it, he isn’t used to anyone confronting, much less arguing or disagreeing, with him. Peg loses her temper with Logan and I heartily encourage her to continue. While he is entertained with Peg’s outbursts he does weigh her input. He respects her more than she probably realizes.

I don’t know much more about Logan than the readers; he hasn’t told me yet. Maybe someday, but not today.


Jack is police chief of Bath, Ohio police department. He is dedicated to his job and takes his position seriously without being a stick in the mud. He has the ability to handle the politics of his job even when certain politicians personally grate on his nerves. His friendship with Peg and Andy started when both couples were busy with their kid’s school, sports, and band activities.

Jack has a love/hate relationship with many of the characters he is forced to work with due to Peg’s activities with Deadsville. While initially fascinated with these new allies in the fight against illegal activity, he finds himself more aggravated as crime in their small township seems to be increasing. Jack struggles with the need to include mobsters, young and old, into his inner circle. While he understands the necessity of including those from another realm into investigations he begins to wonder if they are the reason crime is exploding in the area.

Jack’s wife Lori constantly works on his ever-expanding waistline by placing him on diets which he usually ignores. A stress eater, Jack is always searching for pie when at Peg’s house. She changes her hiding place but he almost always convinces her he really needs a piece of pie along with a cup of strong coffee.

While both Logan and Jack are supporting characters neither one would consider themselves sidekicks. While Logan brings perspective of Deadsville to the table, Jack brings the ability for Peg to be totally involved with the police department during investigations. Without Jack, Peg would not have the opportunity for information vital to her work.

Jack is a fun character to write and he has surprised on more than once occasion. I sympathize with his inner struggle dealing with Vito and Sal along with Peg’s trio of protectors. While he is aware of the knowledge these people provide, in his mind they are still on the wrong side of the law. The dilemma he faces working alongside these characters is interesting.

Logan and Jack are two sides of the same coin in many ways. Both serve a higher purpose- and higher power- in order to preserve order and care for their communities. Their methods and interpretations of gray areas bring them nose to nose occasionally, but the respect they have for each other always sees them through their differences. When they work together they make a formidable force and are able to protect Peg and the other team members from most anything that comes at them, from either side of the veil.

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