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What do we associate with the 4th Thursday of November each year? Food! Turkey, stuffing (I make my mother’s traditional cornbread dressing and it is delicious), yams, mashed potatoes, green beans, and various types of pies (my favorite is cherry if you’re interested).

Thanksgiving as a day of thanks is actually older than you may realize. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans each set aside time to give thanks to their gods for bountiful harvests. Many countries around the world have a day set aside to be thankful and have their own traditions and beliefs surrounding their day of thanks.

There seems to be a deep need in people to be thankful but for some reason we tend to downplay this need in our modern society. Maybe we are uncomfortable with the idea of being truly thankful and feel we are too ‘sophisticated’ in our modern world. But something wonderful happens to us when we take a moment and allow ourselves to have a sense of gratitude. A warmth spreads over us and we feel lifted up from the day to day grind. For that small moment we have a peace that surpasses all understanding and in spite of any situation we may be facing in life, we are content.

As you find yourself surrounded by family and friends this Thanksgiving, allow yourself that special moment of thanks and gratitude in between the turkey and pie. Give yourself a moment of peace---your never know, your gratitude may just spread around the world.

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