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  • Sue Hawley

My Thoughts about Summer

For some, summer is a time of never-ending humidity and over-bearing heat. Others are fortunate enough to skip the humidity but suffer through triple digit temperatures.

Here in northeast Ohio we have a mixed bag of summertime weather. A week or two of sticky air and 90-degree torture, followed by cool, dry air from Canada. Sadly, the relief is short lived but oh, so lovely.

Today is such a day. After a week of energy-sucking moisture-filled air, a cool front forced its way into our little piece of Ohio. The marvelous deep blue sky promises a deliciously comfortable morning and afternoon. It will be short lived for sure as tomorrow brings thunderstorms, but for just this moment in time we will relish the beautiful day.

Vacation time is another summer pastime. Personally, I’m not a big fan of traveling. For those old enough to remember the old “Bewitched” TV show, I’d like to be able to twitch my nose and be somewhere else---like a beach! I don’t mind visiting other geographical locations, though, in fact I love seeing new areas. It’s the actual getting there I detest. Hours in an airport, then on a plane or sitting in a car for days on end isn’t my idea of fun.

So far this summer, two daughters have come to visit. It is great having them travel to me. I have the opportunity to visit with them and enjoy our time together without ever having to leave my hill. Ah, bliss.

Summer is half over at this point. I wonder what the rest of the season will bring my way. With any luck, more Canadian air drifting south bringing lovely weather. Or better yet, I’ll learn to twitch my nose and bingo! Be at a beach!

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