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Midlife Mayhem

Peg Shaw has a problem with dead people.  Not the kind you find in a funeral home but the kind that show up in her home- as ghosts.  When the army of ghostly Indian warriors and British soldiers guarding the woods around her house begin to get agitated their boss, Logan, shows up to find out what's going on.  And when he gets upset, Peg knows something bad is on the way.


Stressed and scared, Peg is back on another case that she just knows is somehow connected to all the upheaval on the other side of the veil in Deadsville.  To make matters worse Amy, her friend and fellow ghost-whisperer, is distracted and forgetful and has Peg worried.  

Join Peg as she battles menopause, races the clock, and confronts old enemies she thought dead and gone forever in this latest harrowing tale.

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