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Midlife Chaos

Peg Shaw has a gift not just for fending off hot flashes but also for talking to the dead. One morning while waiting for the caffeine from her coffee to pulse through her veins, Peg is thrust into the midst of another investigation.  Jack, the local police chief, calls to inform her of a hit-and-run that has left a ten year old girl clinging to life.  With the girl's father breathing down his neck Jack all but begs Peg to contact her friends from Deadsville.


This case is not all it appears to be, however.  Nana appears from the spirit world and tells her that more is at play than a simple accident.  Dark forces are at work- forces that want Peg to stop her meddling.  Helped by Bob, her bumbling but kind ghostly friend, Peg must now decipher a pile of strange letters, determine whether the girl’s father can be trusted, and attempt to piece together a complex mystery.  Peg is on a dangerous path where nothing is certain—except her night sweats.

Midlife Chaos continues the story of Peg Shaw's journey through menopause as she relies on her special abilities and ghostly friends to reluctantly solve another local crime.

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