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Panic! Anxiety! Cynthia to the Rescue!

I panicked when I won an award! I was pretty sure my house slippers weren't going to make the grade... Thankfully, Cynthia had options.

Do You see dead people?

Because I write books about ghosts and spirits and murders (oh my!) I often get asked if I've ever seen dead people. The short answer: yes.

Why bother with book clubs?

Ask anyone who knows me: I never, ever join anything. Not a club, an organization, study group, or political movement of any type. Well,...

Summer's Last Stand

Summer is slowly leaving us but my garden seems to be putting on a final, fantastic show.

My stress is stressing me out!

What do you do when being stressed is making you even more stressed!? I have few techniques that, while not the usual methods, help me.

An Award Winning Weekend

I won TWO awards from the Texas Authors Hall of Fame for the first book in my Peg Shaw Cozy Mystery series, Hot Flashes/Cold Cases! I feel

The Armchair Adventurer

I'm not much of a traveler but when friends come to visit it's a pleasure to listen to the tales of their journeys.

The Queens of Crime

Pawns can become Queens in the hands of a master storyteller.

When Mother's Day Circles Back

I've had a lifetime of Mother's Days... Now my daughters are mothers and I'm seeing parenting from a whole different perspective.

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