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Writing lessons from Pup

I never took formal writing lessons so my teachers often come from unexpected places.

Week 500 of Shut Down... Right??

We’ve been in shut down/stay at home mode for 500 weeks, right? I’m pretty sure that number is correct, despite what the calendar may...

Puppies and Pandemic

Raising a puppy during a pandemic is a welcome change from all the doom and gloom.

The Real Nitty Gritty

Have you ever just keep putting off doing something? And then something else comes along and you can't ignore it any longer? That's my life.

A Bright Spot

I get caught in dark thoughts sometimes but it makes the bright spots stand out even more.

Not so close encounters

Not every person you know ends up becoming a character in a book. Sometimes it's the ones you never meet that spark the most imagination.

Getting the snip

Writing is putting words on a page... and sometimes taking them off again. Editing is the process of finding which words are worth keeping.

In the know

"Write what you know" is great advice but what's the value in doing that? Here's some thoughts.

New Year... (Mostly) Same Me

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions but this year something happened to change my mind.


As I’ve stated before--writing a book is the easy part of being an author. Selling is where the rubber hits the road. Doing this requires co

The Busiest Time of the Year

This time of year is probably the busiest for our family. Finding time for what needs to be done vs what we want to do is a challenge.

Victory! (over the squirrels)

Winning a battle against the squirrels took some work but we've finally gained a victory.

Snow Day

The first real snow... a day many enjoy and some of us dread.

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