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The Peg Shaw Cozy Mysteries

Smart and sassy Peg Shaw's comfortable routine is upended when she wakes up to find the ghost of her dead Nana talking to her.  And not just talking- insisting that menopause has 'gifted' her with strange new powers.  Much to Peg's horror Nana is right!  Join Peg as she attempts to navigate ghosts, murders, the mob, and worst of all- menopause!





Sue Hawley is probably reading right now.  When she's not doing that or being hassled by one of her five grown children she writes cozy mysteries about Peg Shaw, who sees ghosts and has a much more interesting life than Sue.  (And that's just fine by her.)  Sue enjoys forcing Peg to do things (like take self defense lessons) that she herself would never do.  She's also happy that Peg is the one who sees ghosts and has to solve crimes because if it was her she would have saged her house, her dog, and her son's annoying cat- because you never know with cats.


Sue Hawley is the bestselling author of the Peg Shaw cozy mystery series.  Hot Flashes/ColdCases  is the award winning novel that started it all.


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